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Welcome, prey.

B&W profile shot. Misress Wolfe in a leather vest, gloves, and cowboy hat. A silver wolf skull necklace and key around her neck. Topless under the vest, looking into the camera. Photo by Mark Dektor

I am Mistress Wiley Wolfe - Los Angeles-based Dominatrix, Trainer of pets and property, and purveyor of deadly desires.

I revel in the place where the sadistic meets the primal. Where the pretenses of ordinary life fall away, leaving raw truth laid bare. Beyond my extensive interests, that is what I most crave: your truth. The you behind closed doors, the you that exists in your most secret fantasies. That is who I want to own, to inspire, to control.

I was trained by top Professionals in Safe, Sane, Consensual, Risk-Aware, and Responsibility-Informed Kink over my 7 years of BDSM experience. Whether you are a curious novice, a couple seeking to explore, a dedicated servant, or a desperate masochist, I invite you to leave yourself in my practiced hands. I will guide you to the tantalizing depths of your potential.

Individuals of all genders, sexualities, and other intersections of identity are welcome. As a gay genderqueer person, I pride myself on providing a safe space for exploration and validation to those who seek it.

I do not prescribe to the archetype of the stone-faced Domina. I have a wicked sense of humor, and delight in whimsical fuckery. I've been told that my smile is a gift worth suffering for.

This is not just a job. This is my 24/7 lifestyle.

I am Daddy. I am Disciplinarian. I am Devotional.

Lay your soul at my feet and bask in the revelation of your true purpose.

Mistress Wolfe in red and blue light, legs in black fishnets crossed, wearing black and cream heels. Facing the camera, the hint of a black crop across her legs just barely visible. Photo by DK Vision
A close up of Mistress Wolfe from the chest to her ankles in red and blue light. 3/4 profile view. She's wearing black fishets, gloves, lingerie, and a strappy nylon harness. She holds a crop at an angle as if admiring it. Photo by DK Vision.
CU Mistress Wolfe from hips to her lips in red and blue light, rimmed by smoke, holding a crop. Photo by DK Vision
CU power shot from below of Mistress Wolfe in red and blue light. Photo by DK Vision
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