The tributes below are the base prices. Additional fees may be added based on travel costs, request complexity, and more.

1 Hour


90 Minutes


2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours


Dining and Deviance

Session Rate

+ $100

Get to know Mistress Wolfe over a meal before or after your session. You pick up the tab.

Extended Sessions


Desperate for a longer, full day, overnight, or weekend-long session? Inquire when you book.

Double Trouble


Mistress Wolfe plays well with others, and loves bringing her friends to join in for intensified fun. She knows Dominas with every specialty. Rates vary by provider. Simply request when you book!



Meet & Greet

$75/half hour

Nervous, or want to meet before you commit? Become enraptured over coffee or tea.

Happy Hour/Dinner with Daddy


For deeper discussion or perhaps some discreet play ;) Daddy loves fine dining. Of course you'll pick up the tab.

Date with a Dominatrix


Dream of accompanying a Mistress to an art gallery, wine tasting, or show on your dime? This is your chance.


Shopping Spree

Prove you can spoil a Mistress the way she deserves. Give Mistress Wolfe your budget, then prepare for hours of seductive fun as you watch your bank account drain.



Offerings are provided primarily through Sextpanther, with other possibilities available upon request.

Texting Sessions


Phone Call Sessions


Email Sessions


Video Sessions


15 minute minimum.

Custom Photo Sets

$5/photo min.

5 photo minimum unless combined with a virtual session. Discounts may apply to large sets (25+).

Custom Clips


5 minute minimum.

Long-Distance Training


Daily/weekly/monthly tasks; financial control; key holder service; Bluetooth toys; panties, socks, or shoes sent to your door; human animal guidance - the opportunities are endless. Training programs are tailored to fit your needs and budget.



Want to earn the favor of a Premier Dominatrix? Seeking to send a token of appreciation or worship?

The best way to prove your worth is by giving Daddy what she wants.

To view Mistress Wolfe's Amazon Wishlist, visit

Gifts may also be sent directly to:

Wiley Wolfe

9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd


Chatsworth, CA 91311

Unless you wish to remain anonymous, be sure to notify Mistress Wolfe that you have sent her a gift at


Waist: 26-27"

Hips: 36"

Dress: US 2-4

Bra: 34B

Panty: Small

Stockings: Regular or Small

Boots/Heels: US Womens 7



Mistress Wolfe is an avid collector of oddities and dead things. Her current collection includes all manner of skulls, bones, vintage weapons, Christian memorabilia, and wet specimens. Offerings like these will win you special favor, especially if they are unique.

She is also a particular collector of preserved hearts. Pledge your heart to her by offering a new addition.

Hearts Currently Owned (Do Not Buy):

  • Coyote

  • Otter

  • Goat

  • Badger