Mistress Wolfe reclining on a gothic black and red sofa, wearing a leather cap, a white cropped shirt, black leather suspenders, shiny black pants, Dr Martens, and a chain. Photo by Carpe Lucem Photography

You've done your research, saved your money, and set aside time in your schedule. Your mind is buzzing with anticipation, fantasies yet to be fulfilled...

At last, it's time to play.

Prior to booking, take care to read the entirety of Mistress Wolfe's website so that you understand who she is, her interests, and what she will require from you.

You are also highly encouraged to read Domina Crane's writing HERE about how to properly serve a Mistress.

If you are interested in booking a BDSM coaching session or private class, please inquire via email HERE.

If you do not receive a response after 72 hours, re-send the form! Occasionally forms accidentally end up in spam. This is typically sorted with a simple re-send.

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