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Mistress Wolfe in a leather vest and leather cowboy hat, shirtless underneath. Eyes downcast with a slight grin, oozing Daddy energy. Shot by Mark Dektor
Mistress Wolfe in black vinyl pants, a black cap with chains, a chain harness, black gloves, and black leather suspenders. No shirt underneath. Photo byJ Rulison
Mistress Wolfe in black and white, posing in black leather pants, cap, suspenders, and cropped vest. Profile view. Photo byRVM Photo
Mistress Wolfe posing on a wood and blue spanking bench against a stone background. Slightly reclined, a chunky heel lifted onto the bench. Hair pulled back, wearing a black blazer, pants, and leather gloves. Holding a black belt.


Mistress Wolfe in color against a white background, wearing a black latex dress with red trim, vinyl gloves, fishnet stockings, and a vinyl black cap with chain details. Holding a leash around her neck, staring seductively into the camera. Photo by Mark Dektor
Headshot of Mistress Wolfe in a Dayne Henderson latex mask with lacing stitched across her face. Spiked latex shoulder pads can be seen, along with a rusty sawblade paddle in her hands reading "RUN" in red letters.
Mistress Wolfe's breasts in a black and red latex dress. Photo by DK Vision


A B&W Photo of Mistress Wolfe and a woman as she kisses down Mistress Wolfe's stomach, hands placed over her breasts. Photo by Daniel J Silwa
A B&W Photo of Mistress Wolfe with her hand around a woman's neck, about to kiss. Close up. Photo by Daniel J Silwa
Mistress Wolfe and Goddess Raven Gray kissing in latex and vinyl captain's hats. Between them is a boy in a red lip gag, pink bondage tape wrapped around his entire head, the word "SLUT" written on his forehead. Photo by Mark Dektor
Bathed in red and bluish light, Mistress Wolfe wears a black vinyl cap with chain detail as she is held from behind by Goddess Raven Gray. Photo by DK Vision
Bathed in red and bluish light, Mistress Wolfe reaches a latex-gloved hand up onto a woman's blue latex dress with white splatter details. She is wearing her black vinyl cap with chain detail. Photo by DK Vision


Mistress Wolfe lays on her bed, visible from her lips down, wearing a black and gold lingerie set from Honey Birdette.
Bathed in red and bluish light, Mistress Wolfe stands in a bra, panties, garter, fishnets, and a strappy nylon harness. Surrounded by smoke effects, holding a long leather crop. Photo by DK Vision
Backlit by white Mistress Wolfe poses with her back to the camera in black lingerie, holding her hair up as she peeks back over her shoulders. Her body decorated with beautiful tattoos. Photo by RVM Photo


Black and cream heels in red and black light. Tight fishnets worn underneath. Profile view. Shot by DK Vision
A black fishnet ankle boot heel and a white/clear pump in reddish light, close up. Photo by DK Vision
Dr. Marten Boots in blue light, displaying the profile view and bottoms of soles. Shot by 2G Photography
In black and white, a heavily tattooed man is on all fours with his head to the ground in a bow, blindfolded. Mistress Wolfe uses him as a footrest with her black stiletto Pleasers boots, one of her heels pressing into his back. Another woman also stands over him, her legs visible. Photo by Mark Dektor.


A Black and White image of Mistress Wolfe in a ski mask, snarling at the camera. A flashlight taser in one hand, a girl in a black interrogation hood in the other. From a performance at Sanctuary Studios for the DomCon LA Fetish Ball
Mistress Wolfe, dressed in vinyl black pants, a blazer, and a black leather harness, steps on a woman's ass with her platform Demonia boots on stage. Video footage of Mistress Wolfe and Goddess Raven Gray is displayed on the screen behind them. From a performance at Bondage Ball in LA.
B&W. Profile shot of Mistress Wolfe in viking-style war paint, hands with leather gloves around a girl's neck as she licks the side of the girl's face. The girl, Kaylith Von Kola, is wearing a textured crop top and a chain harness. There is a mouse trap on her tongue, and a nail in her right nostril. From a performance at Wasteland Weekend.
Mistress Wolfe, dressed in black with blue floggers with antler handles around her neck and an inverted cross on her forehead, touches a girl's butt with black leather gloves. The beginning of a scene. The girl is wearing a white crop top and a school girl skirt. From a scene at Soft Leather Club in LA.
On the stage in red light, Mistress Wolfe (dressed in a corset, black leather gloves, and silver wolf mask) runs a rusted sawblade paddle down the back of a tattooed girl. From a performance at Bar Sinister in Los Angeles.
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